This project attempts to promote individuals, not only from Latin American communities but everyone, to change perspectives and look at others by understanding where each individual is coming from and why they are who they are. It aims to give value to the stories of each individual and, for at least a moment, let this gap dissolve and stand in an equal social level. 

   This was met by the combination of the book and the conversation. For the book I first had each person go through an interview about their life and opinions on this topic, then I developed articles for each interviewee based on their answers from the interview, I drew a portrait for each one from an image they sent me, and finally I did an analysis of all the information and wrote it down. All this was combined in the proper order for the book presentation. For the conversation, I listened to the audios from the interviews and broke them into pieces in order to combine them with the other audios. This conversation was carefully crafted to make sure that all the main topics were addressed. You'll hear a discussion about how Latin Americans that grew up in Latin America feel when those that grew up in the USA say they are from their countries, you'll hear some of the differences of these communities, including the cultural shock with the American society, and some general opinions and feelings about the existence of this gap. The conversation ends with some concluding arguments about this topic. The conversation should be read from the point of view of the context given by the stories in the book. 

   Both parts works in order to get the audience to read the interviewees stories and hear the opinions of the different communities and hopefully realize, not only the different points of view, but the similarities in their opinions.