“I remember there was once a bomb threat and...”
“At the beginning of the coup d’etat in 2009 there was a lot of fear...”
“These are politics that affect your decisions on a daily basis...”
“Politics was in the center of life but not enough to fully change our lives...”
“You become an untrusting person...”
“You encounter several realities within one country, very valuable...”
“You could see the division between the internationals and the Dominicans...”
“But, after seven years they couldn’t take it anymore and...”
“English was forbidden in my house...”
“My grandparents decided not to teach Spanish to my parents because of racism...”
“The culture that I experience in my house is what I see everywhere I walk...”
“That view makes me feel in one way or another like I belong...”
“My great-grandfather was assassinated by Somoza’s guards...”
“When I go back my parents have to remind me that I have to be careful...”
“ easy they throw away stuff that could be extremely functional...”
“It became more about getting the rest of my family out of Venezuela...”
“ fall into that spectrum trying to discover where you fit...”
"...we are desperate to be defined as something but not as something else..."

© 2023 by Paulina Asturias. 

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